December 4, 2016
December 11, 2016
January 8, 2017
January 15, 2017
January 22, 2017 (make-up date if necessary)

(No games during Finals or the Christmas Break)

Game Format:
8 Games over 4 Weeks
2 games each Sunday Morning

Former College Coaches, and players as well as former High School Varsity Coaches. We will also have a full time college level Goalie coach available.

Only $175.00 per player or $1200 per team* (with early registration)
Early registration ends on November 1st. Then regular prices of $195.00 per player and $1,500.00 per team apply. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Game Location:
XL Sports World
1245 Oakley Industrial Blvd, Fairburn, GA 30213 

“If I had my choice, I would have every [youth] player . . . play box lacrosse exclusively or at least a majority of the time.  The number of touches of the ball and the ability to develop better stick skills in a game of box lacrosse far surpasses what happens on a field.  Learning how to pass and catch in traffic, understanding how to shoot, and developing a sense of physicality are all positive traits developed by the box game.”

 -6X NCAA Championship Coach Bill Tierney, University of Denver

IMPROVED STICK SKILLS | To be successful playing in our smaller, enclosed fields, you have to have sharp, tight stickwork. Things like “hanging your stick” or floating passes that you may be able to get away with outdoor, won’t work in the rink. If the ball gets checked away enough times, you will change how you hold your stick and carry the ball.

OFF-BALL MOVEMENT | Team offense is key. This includes learning to set picks, best ways to cut and get open. Players without the ball are as important if not more important than the player with the ball.

BODY POSITION | Whether you play attack, midfield or defense, you will have to play defense. You will get key repetitions in breaking down and getting in good body position.

SHOT SELECTION | When you play in closer spaces, everything is packed in. Defenders, your teammates, free space comes at a premium. Playing in the “box” helps you learn what the difference is between an “ok” shot and a great shot.

 TOP GOALIE TRAINING | Many of the nation’s top goalies have one thing in common, they played box lacrosse. As a goalie, you will see more shots, that come in faster and from closer distances than you would ever see in a normal full field playing environment. The game will seem almost to go in slow motion when you move outdoors after playing in our “box” during the off-season.

Not all Indoor Box Lacrosse is the same…..the facility can make ALL the difference!

TURF FIELD | Most Box lacrosse teams play in hockey rinks or basketball courts during the winter. Thunderbird Box Lacrosse is played on regulation sized indoor turf fields in a climate controlled indoor facility. These fields were designed specifically for lacrosse, with the same turf as outdoor fields.

SUPERIOR LIGHTING | We play in a modern facility with the most up to date lighting technology.  Frankly, you will find the field brighter and without the glare that you can get from basketball courts or hockey rinks. Remember, “seeing the ball” is a large part of the game.

FIELD LINED FOR LACROSSE | These fields are specifically designed and lined for indoor box lacrosse.

With experienced high level coaching and superior facilities, this is your opportunity to quickly and significantly improve your on-field IQ and your stick skills, while having tons of fun!!!


winter indoor box lacrosse

superior facilities

We have already filled two teams, and we are looking for a total of 4 to 6 teams this winter. You can sign up individually and be guaranteed to play with your friends or teammates if you prefer! Box lacrosse is fun! But it is also the best way to prepare for your spring season!! Quickly hone your skills while conditioning.  

play fast

play smart

Lacrosse is a game of speed, a game of movement, a game of action. That being said, do you play in a league that improves those skills? Here’s a few ways that Thunderbird Indoor Box Lacrosse does just that…

TRANSITIONScore a goal and the ball comes out and goes the other way, no face-offs or draws to slow the game down. Attack, defense, middie, everyone plays offense and defense and everyone learns to transition the ball through the midfield.

REACTION TIME | Our indoor lacrosse is quick. There is a shot on goal, the ball doesn’t have the option of going out of bounds. It is always in play and you have to react to where it goes.

CONDITIONING | In Indoor Box Lacrosse the ball is always in play. You are constantly moving, transitioning from offense and defense and back again. Unlike field lacrosse, attack doesn’t get to sit and watch the defense or visa versa. You will have fun, you will enjoy the speed of the game and you will be dog tired when you come off the field

why box lacrosse?

Winter lacrosse is just becoming big in Georgia. But how do you decide if it’s right for you or your player? The most important thing is to be smart about it. Do your research and know what kind of product/service you are buying into. Here’s some quick facts on Thunderbird Indoor Winter Box Lacrosse to get you started…

Take Your Game to the Next Level!!

Four Sunday mornings in Fairburn will dramatically improve your game!!

Box lacrosse is a quicker version of field lacrosse and helps develop better lacrosse players.  Box players will be able to enhance some areas of their game such as footwork, stick skills, awareness, and off ball movement.

Most Box lacrosse teams play in hockey rinks or basketball courts during the winter. Thunderbird Box Lacrosse is played on regulation sized indoor turf fields in a climate controlled indoor facility. These fields were designed specifically for lacrosse, with the same turf as outdoor fields. 

do you have any questions?

Contact us. we would love to hear from you!


Thunderbird Lacrosse is offering girls indoor box lacrosse starting in December!!! Box lacrosse is considered by many college and high school coaches to be the “best” way to prepare for the upcoming spring season. We offer 8 games in 4 weekends (plus a make-up weekend) for only $175.00 per player!  You may also register as a team for $1200.00.