Thunderbird Fall Select Team
 Amp up the intensity by joining a Thunderbird team. High school, middle school and youth teams will be formed. Competitive games each weekend, and the opportunity to participate in a Fall Tournament. Coaching will be done by our experienced staff and college players.
The Goal of the Fall Select Team is to improve your endurance and field IQ during 2-hour dynamic practices each week, while focusing on precision stick skills, increased game intensity, and understanding game strategy.
Thunderbird Power Clinics
Play with your high school team (or sign up as an individual and be placed on a house team). Elevate your game through for power clinics into competition days. College players will be running the power clinics and coaching you on the field in competition days.
Our Two-hour power clinics are focused on position-specific skills:
 Attack & Midfield -- precision shooting; double- and triple-teaming; leading passes and transitions; draws; picks; dynamic assists
Defense & Middie -- double- and triple-teaming; leading passes and transitions; picks; aggressive but safe positioning; safe and legal checks
Goalie -- hand-eye precision; clears; stepping out of the goal
 Thunderbird Lacrosse Academy 
Do you see yourself as one of the better players on your school team? Are you looking for a competitive edge? Are you trying to figure out if you should play with your school team in the Fall or play with a local club? Well at Thunderbird Lacrosse Academy, we say why not play for both!!!
Thunderbird Academy allows you to get additional practice time and additional games while still playing for your school team.  We offer specialized practices; focusing only on advanced skills. At the same time we allow you the opportunity to play in an additional 4 to 10 games per semester
You chose the games and practice/clinics you wish to attend from an open schedule. That way it will supplement and not conflict with your school team’s schedule!