directors of lacrosse

charles best

Coach Charles started playing lacrosse at the renowned Peddie School in Hightstown, New Jersey. A varsity letterman at Peddie, Coach Charles was an accomplished midfielder known for his speed and defensive toughness.  Later, he played collegiately at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  

Coaching for over 9 years, Charles’ experience ranges from coaching the men’s club team at Tulane University to youth lacrosse in metro Atlanta, where he has coached U11, U13, U15 and high school girls lacrosse in Fulton and Gwinnett Counties for the past 6 years.   Motivating and experienced, Charles is intent on teaching lacrosse athletes how to reach their next level of play.

brian garner

Playing lacrosse since he was 12, Coach Brian was a star attack man and an assist leader at Crawford High School in San Diego, California, graduating as a  High School All American and Player of the Year.  He played collegiate club-level lacrosse at San Diego State and Howard University in Washington, DC.

Brian was a certified referee for two years for high school lacrosse in southern California and currently coaches U15 girls lacrosse here in metro-Atlanta.  Dedicated to developing the game, Brian sets high expectations and has a way of bringing out the best in players.

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the thunderbird legend

To Native Americans, the Thunderbird is legendary.  It is considered a bird of awesome power and strength. On the lacrosse field, a Thunderbird exhibits many of those same qualities. 
A Thunderbird celebrates team success more than personal achievement. She fights through every face-off and runs hard through every check.  She may not be the most talented player on the field, but her fight and spirit make you believe that she is. 
A Thunderbird always portrays confidence, breeds determination and maintains a commitment to excellence both on and off the field. She fears no team, no player and no game situation.  She never argues with his coaches or shows disrespect to referees. 
A Thunderbird accepts that heart and hustle are more important than goals and assists.  She rides hard, clears fast and checks clean. She’s always positive, enthusiastic and supportive of her teammates – even when they make critical mistakes. 
A Thunderbird has respect for her opponents, win, lose or draw.  Losing makes her want to get better.  Winning makes her want to play more. 
A Thunderbird is early to practice fine-tuning her core skills.  She throws or jogs on her days off. She watches lacrosse on TV to obtain a better understanding of the game.  She does whatever she can to make herself and her team better. 
A Thunderbird loves playing lacrosse.  She doesn’t quit under adversity or showboat during success.  She remains committed to her team during good days and bad. 
Most importantly, a Thunderbird has FUN playing lacrosse.  She respects the game and all those who play it.  She yearns for it. 

Those are the qualities that make our Thunderbirds legendary.

Nathan Elliscu

Coach Nate has been active in both boys’ and girls’ youth lacrosse in Gwinnett County over the past 4 years. He is also the Director of the Mountain Park Athletic Association. Nate and his family are committed to continuing the tradition of building lacrosse skills through spirited practices and competitive tournament teams.

About thunderbird lacrosse

Our goal at Thunderbird Lacrosse is to focus on you as an athlete.  We want you to grow as a lacrosse player both physically and mentally, and we give you the opportunities to develop the skills, physical training, and team attitude you need to excel in high school lacrosse and beyond.

 As a Thunderbird, you will correctly learn the game’s core fundamentals, develop on-field IQ , and master complex team concepts -- all in a spirited team experience.  Whether you are a first-time player or an avid laxer, you will be challenged to improve your individual skills, break bad habits, hone your mental attitude, and reach your next level of play.